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Latrave remains ever conscious of the world around us and its responsibilites to produce products with less environmental impact from origin to final use.

Our team work tirelessly to reduce our carbon footprint alonside being able to offer more environmentally friendy products.Years of development with suppliers, customers and innovative partners help us to stay at the forefront of product options and our duty to care. Water Soluble solutions are currently under development with Compostable and Recycled content products already available. Not only have we embraced our commitment to the release liner we are also working to produce compostable adhesive based products for the permanent tape closure industry. 

Latrave wholeheartedly recognises the urgency in playing a part in the future and redevelopment of how we use and manufacture products for industry. It calls upon its suppliers to match this commitment and assist in creating a more conscious world. 

Water Soluble Solution

Throughout the recent pandemic water soluble liners were invaluable as a safe, single use item. During this time we have begun development and innovated a way to use this product as a backing liner for our adhesive tapes. Tests are ongoing and remain very positive

Further innovation and development with our chemist during 2022 will see the advent of a water soluble adhesive which, coupled with the liner will combine to create a simple yet effective solution for non plastic packaging.  

Compostable Solutions

As an option we have been supplying our products on compostable liners for many years now. The liner is accredited to EN 13432 standard and while industrial compostable our development team are working on a home compostable version which is due to launch very soon. If you require further information or a status update please give us a call, our team will be very happy to discuss.

Recyclable solutions

Compliant with the latest environmental directives and the Plastic Packaging Tax we are delighted to be able to offer our tapes on a minimum 30% recycled content liner. We remain ever conscious of the world around us as we evolve and develop for the growing market demands and expectations. Please contact our sales or technical team for more information