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With over 25 years of experience developing, manufacturing, and providing customers with high-quality tapes, Latrave has firmly established itself within the industry and is well known for the quality and reliability of our products.

Latrave was founded in 1995 by a group of adhesive and conversion experts to provide high-quality converted tapes and laminates to a range of clients. With this foundation, we quickly grew both in reputation and in size.

In 2002, the company underwent an MBO to advance business development, and in the late 2000s, we installed new manufacturing capabilities to take our offering to the next level. Since then, we have gone on to develop and supply a range of market-leading products to industries from medical to packaging, working in collaboration with our customers and providing the technical expertise needed to turn their adhesive requirements into a fully-functioning product.

This has also allowed us to establish our first trademarked brands, Filtarite and Sealrite.

Since the beginning we have exhibited a dedication to design and innovation, often working in collaboration with our customers to develop lines and ranges specifically suited to their needs. Our progression as a company has always been driven through innovation and design, and we are constantly on the lookout for new machines and technology that could advance our understanding of adhesives and expand our range.

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Latrave was first founded in Wellingborough, UK, by a group of adhesive specialists and consisted of a small team of three employees.

Growth was fast paced as demand for our services and products increased. 



New machine purchases began and advances were made with our pressure-sensitive adhesive products as Latrave grew further. 

Partnerships in the EU were established



Further expansion followed in 2010, we moved to larger premises and upgraded our state of the art coating equipment.

ISO9001 Quality Assurance is achieved and underpins our manufacturing ethos



Installation of new spooling machines to complement our rapid growth in the closure tape markets for polythene bags and box and carton.

Our Filter and Blanking Tapes reach new levels as we brand Filtarite



As a market leader for bag sealing tapes along with box and carton closure products, a site expansion is undertaken to increase capability and our Sealrite brand is trademarked. Exports to the EU and beyond increase as demand for our closure tapes grows.

Designs on new machines begin...



A new concept coating machine is on order and we have already installed fresh converting equipment including slitter rewinders, laminators and additional rotary die cutters to support the growth strategy. 

ISO45001 Health & Safety Certification is proudly achieved in 2022


What Our Suppliers Say

"Our company has been a major supplier to Latrave Ltd for many years. Over this time, they have come to trust us as a strategic supplier, delivering high quality products and service that has allowed us to share in their growth and development. Latrave is now not only one of our biggest customers, but one where we enjoy a business relationship based on a true shared partnership view of the future."

"We have been supplying Latrave for over 4 years and find them a very honourable and professional company to do business. Latrave continue to strive for higher technical performance and quality standards while maintaining strong commercial ethics. As a valued customer we look forward to working with Latrave to develop the standing of both Companies in their respective markets."

What Our Clients Say

“We have been working with Latrave for many years now and they have always been a reliable partner with a fantastic and knowledgeable team to work with, who support us at all times no matter how awkward we can be as a customer. From Lisa in the customer service team, to Richard in production, to Chris on customer relations/product development and all other supporting team members, everyone is fantastic. Always a highly rated supplier in my book!”

"I would like you to pass on my thanks to your production team for the outstanding quality of your bobbins. I used to have big problems with my last supplier because their joins used to stop my machines every time. Since swapping suppliers to yourselves my machines have not stopped once….So please thank everyone involved in producing them and keep up the good work."

"We have a successful business partnership with Latrave which spans over many years in which Latrave provide an excellent customer service both directly and indirectly when demands are required."

"……… have been working in partnership with Latrave since 2002 and we have cemented a supply chain solution centred around Latrave’s unique ability to produce consistent high quality product, backed with the flexibility to customise product based on customer requirement. Technical backup is always going to be vital to this kind of approach to market and this is another area of strength for Latrave."