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Developed to provide the perfect solution to multi-wall polycarbonate sheeting adhesion, Latrave’s Filtarite range of filter and blanking tapes provide premium adhesion without compromising breathability.

Allowing the movement of particles in such applications is essential to help prevent ingresses of dust, debris, insects, and condensation. All of these things can affect adhesion, making these tapes unsuitable for long-term use in these environments, so we developed Filtarite to work with these issues rather than against them.

With a built-in breathable filtration mechanism, our filter tape allows for the easier passage of small particles: regulating conditions, whilst still providing a strong seal. Our blanking tapes are engineered along with the same design, but provide a complete seal between sheeting components whilst retaining some degree of breathability. This allows the clarity of the sheeting to be preserved whilst still being optimised for long-term use.

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  • Water-repellent design
  • BBA tested and approved
  • UV stability
  • Manufactured using FDA-approved materials
  • High-performance adhesion with UV stability
  • Available in a range of lengths to suit your needs


Why Choose Us?

Latrave have been delivering high-quality, reliable adhesive tape solutions to UK, EU, and international customers since our establishment in 1995. Our specialist products consistently push the boundaries of innovation and performance, providing you with the best possible results for your applications from packaging to manufacturing.


All Filtarite products incorporate a high-performance adhesive system offering high tack, high adhesion and excellent elevated temperature performance. 


Inherently the base component surface is water repellent and possesses excellent breathability over its open surface area.


The material has been manufactured from FDA approved materials and is suitable for extended skin contact.


We have a proven track record manufacturing filter and blanking tapes for over 20 years. Our products have been used in many industrial sectors and within significant new age structures and developments. 


Retailers have also benefited as our Filtarite brand is stocked both in the UK and EU DIY strores supporting the domestic markets.