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Blanking Tape

Created in conjunction with our high-quality range of filter tape, the Latrave blanking tape presents the ideal complement to multi-wall polycarbonate sheeting applications.

Engineered around the same design as our filter tape range, blanking tape provides much of the same benefits, including UV stability, water resistance, and high-quality adhesion, but with a fully-coated surface area to apply to your application.

Whilst filter tape provides breathability, reducing the ingress of dust between the sheets, blanking tape is designed to prevent it, providing a complete seal between the sheeting components whilst still preserving some degree of breathability. This allows you to preserve and retain the clarity of the sheeting, completely sealing the ends of the sheeting for maximum safety and security.

Made with FDA-approved materials, Latrave blanking tape is designed to be used alongside our filter tape range for best results. Foil or PP-based products are not recommended substitutes for Latrave blanking tape.

Available as standard in 50m rolls, our tape is also available in longer or shorter lengths as per your request. Contact out team today to talk more about how our blanking tape can benefit your application.

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