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Box & Carton Closure Tape

Latrave develops, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of adhesive tape for sealing boxes, cartons, mailers and many more applications. 

Our proven Sealrite range of box and carton closure tapes provides our customers with a high-quality closure system under demanding conditions. High-speed application from spools or flat rolls is a focused feature ensuring maximum output and minimum downtime. The products are ideal for corrugated board, e-commerce mailers and bespoke folds.

Key features with our speciality adhesives for e-commerce mailers are quick stick adhesion and high fibre tear - this has demonstrated to be 100% in many cases. 

Multiple sizing options are available along with an offset adhesive track to provide an easy lift edge when peeling off the liner.

We support corrugated packaging, e-commerce, corrugated board and box industry sectors with our innovative and proactive approach to ensure smooth processing.

Non-tear liners are also available which have proven to increase line speeds in excess of 25% (Source - site testing with customers). These liners add another dimension in improving productivity during application.

Dispensers are also available which our team are more than happy to consult and retro fit to existing machinery - see product item in image carousel 

Our responsability doesn't stop with performance and service. We are ever conscious of our world and operating in a sustainable way. In support of this our adhesives are bio based, the paper liners are FSC sourced and the film backing liner consists of 30% minimum recycled content. 

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Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Board

POS Boxes

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