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Creasing Matrix Adhesive Tape

When manufacturing packaging, cardboard boxes must be cut carefully to allow for maximum efficiency. This is typically done via die-cutting, in order to create the cuts and creases along the right lines to create uniform packaging shapes and sizes with relative ease. 

Used for both solid and corrugated board, the precise alignment of components when die-cutting is essential, especially when creating creases. In order to achieve this precision, a crease matrix is used to ensure a uniform crease is created with minimal damage to the cardboard, resulting in high-quality folds.

For applications where these matrices are used, Latrave has developed our range of creasing matrix adhesive tape for self-locating creasing matrices, which ensures the precise alignment of the creasing components remains consistent throughout the line run. Available in rolls or spools.

Attached to the back of the matrix, Latrave’s creasing matrix adhesive tape is a high-performance, double-coated product that delivers excellent stress resistance and a balance of adhesive and cohesive properties. As well as being used on traditional dies, it can also provide adhesion strong enough to mount stereo onto print cylinders. This tape is also repositionable and provides residue-free removal from steel, meaning that whether you are dealing with an accidental misalignment or a deliberate change to the die pattern

Available in flush edge, fingerlift, and offset dimensions, and with a strong bond version available for more demanding applications, discover more about our range today by getting in touch via the form below. 

Key Features

Non Residue Adhesive System

Good Stress Resistance

Single Side Fingerlift

Left or Right Hand Off Wind

Repeat Performance

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