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Monday, 16 May 2022

Filtarite™ Filter Tape

Latrave Filter Tape is a breathable self-adhesive tape commonly, though not exclusively, used on multi wall polycarbonate sheeting. It provides a breathable filtration mechanism minimising the ingress of dust, debris and insects whilst allowing the escape of water vapour thus preventing condensation forming.

The filtration system has been BBA tested and by design is water repellent. It is manufactured from FDA approved material and offers a high performance adhesive system with UV stability. Filter Tape is available in standard roll lengths of 33 metres although longer and shorter lengths can be produced on request.

Latrave have developed technology to print on the filter side in order to provide identification or corporate branding upon application to the treated side of polycarbonate.

Please click here for our Filter Tape declaration of performance

Blanking Tape

Latrave manufactures a high quality blanking tape to compliment the filter tape. The substrates used are engineered around the same design as filter tape albeit a fully coated surface area is applied.

We recommend the use of this blanking tape and not foil or PP based products. Blanking Tape is manufactured as standard in 50 metre rolls but as with the Filter Tape we can equally produce longer or shorter length rolls to suit.