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Patch-up Tape

Die forms are high-contact pieces of equipment, with rounds of paper regularly entering and leaving at high speeds, and a consistent cut necessary every time.

This means that the pressure exerted by the die must be even across all points and planes, as even the smallest difference could lead to inconsistent wear on the die itself or impact product assembly.

Insufficient, or too much pressure on a creasing matrix, can lead to folds being improperly formed or damaging the surrounding material. This can impact the durability of the end product, making them unsuitable for high-impact applications such as packaging and transit.

Latrave’s series of patch up tape is designed to keep this stage of the process running smoothly. Applied directly onto the die form, our products can add depth to precise areas, and even out the pressure applied to the paper or card when the tool is in use. With a clean-peel and suitability for layering, our tapes can be flexibly adapted and adjusted along the tool to meet the changing needs of the apparatus during a run.

The easy-unwind design creates easy to use and reuse, and the durable design makes it suitable for both long and short runs. Available in multiple width options, and colour-coded for easy thickness identification, our range is fully adaptable to your application and can create the ideal solution that works for you. For more information, download our brochure or get in touch with us directly via our online enquiry form.

Key Features

Easy Application


Clean Peel

Can Be Multi-Layered

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