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Polyester Reinforcing Tape

When creating manufacturing equipment, longevity is a key consideration. When producing any item in large quantities, consistency is key, and so equipment is expected to be reused multiple times to achieve identical results.

This consistent use of machinery and tooling can put a lot of stress on the components, especially in high-contact applications like die-cutting, where stacks of paper and board are repeatedly moved in and out of the die to be shaped. This puts a lot of pressure on the die itself, with both the blades and the creasing matrices expected to endure multiple rounds of reuse and produce the same results.

The Latrave range of polyester reinforcing tape utilizes high tensile strength PET to produce a product delivering exemplary levels of lay flat, tensile strength and impact tolerance. Used to create a solid stiffening for the creasing matrix, our tape helps to strengthen and stabilise, extending the tool’s lifetime without compromising performance.

This tape is flexible enough to suit a diverse range of applications and uses, and the high-precision slit widths ensure consistent quality in each die cycle. Latrave Polyester Reinforcing Tape is the ideal solution for all of your protective needs. It can also be used to reliably bond two or more parts together, making it ideal for strengthening structures as well as surfaces.

Supplied to you in rolls or spools with a range of thickness and slit width options, find out more about our range of polyester reinforcing tape.

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Key Features

Consistent Thickness

Micro Slitting Accuracy

Lay Flat

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