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Monday, 16 May 2022

Specialist Adhesive Tapes

In its 20 year + history  Latrave has developed and supplied a number specialist adhesive tapes for industries including automotive, electronics and retail  – often in partnership and on special request.

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Structural Foam Adhesives – used in the Wind Power Industry

Structural Foam Adhesives – used in the Wind Power Industry

One example is in the area of Structural Foam Adhesives  where Latrave is able to supply temperature activated film adhesives able to securely bond PET and PVC foams to form lightweight Composite Foam Structures. The adhesives  are characterised to allow easy and efficient processing in such applications and are fundamentally safe to use - further details available on request.

Latrave Film Adhesive - Heat activated film adhesive for butt splicing / joining of industrial rubber seals

Developed from another project ST224 is a specialist tape adhesive providing secure high speed joining of rubber seals in the auto and vehicle industries.

  • ST 224 –  Rubber seal joining / splicing tape
  • High Strength – secure bond with specifically formulated heat activated adhesive
  • 10 second bond – 30 second cycle time
  • Bonds to steel also – in case of steel reinforced seals
  • Compatible with all major IR splicing machines
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