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Tear Tapes

At Latrave we have built our brand ethos on developing high-performance tapes and constantly innovating as demanding applications evolve. 

In packaging, the ability to securely seal yet easily open a package cannot be undervalued. This is due to the sheer range of conditions that a package may be exposed to, from extreme temperatures, transport lorries, freight containers, as well as high levels of human contact and movement. Anything used to seal packages must be durable enough to withstand these conditions as well as provide a simple way to open again when the parcel reaches its intended recipient.

This is where tear tape provides a simple and easy opening method.

Latrave tear tape combines the high-quality adhesion required for tough applications like packaging and shipping, with a simple, easy-to-use opening mechanism.

Our tear tape provides strong adhesion to all major cardboard and paper surfaces from corrugated card to standard envelopes.

Ever conscious of our commitment to helping preserve the environment we are developing compostable and non plastic versions of tear tape. As eCommerce grows, so does the need and responsibility to use sustainable and degradable substrates.

TTR 60-420 and TTR 60-640 are available in bobbins up to 20,000 in length for maximum production efficiency. Small length and 3” ID core options are also available. We can also develop custom tear tapes bespoke to your specifications, so get in touch with us today using the details below to find out more.

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Corrugated Board

Cardboard Boxes

Fibreboard Boxes



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