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Specialist & Bespoke Products

Our specialist and bespoke capabilities are Latrave’s proven solution to supporting our customers developments. 

Beginning with confidential discussions to understand the credentials required or difficulties being faced with your existing or developing products our technical team will be at the heart of providing solutions. Our on site testing facilities and felxibility to produce sample batches will prove invaluable. 

Our specialist and bespoke capability ethos is to ensure development and solutions are not just for now. Our technoical team will endeavour to futureproof the producst produced. 


  • 100% input thorughout design
  • Fully skilled and technical approach to development and solution 
  • Comprehensive technical back up and support
  • On going improvement program to futureproof products 

Why Choose Us?

Latrave have been delivering high-quality, reliable adhesive tape solutions to UK, EU, and international customers since our establishment in 1995. Our specialist capabilities consistently push the boundaries of innovation and performance, providing you with the best possible solutions and results for your applications from packaging to manufacturing.


Innovative ideas and solutions are achieved by drawing on our vast experience of product performance and development. Anticipation and proactivity led we remain at the forefront in our circular ethos to Engage, Improve and Evolve. 

Develop with us and enjoy full technical support thorughout the process and beyond. Benefit from our on site testing facility and speedy 'concept to prototype' ethos. 


Confidentiality, technical support and innovative development are a few key pointers as to why you can feel comfortable in the hands of our experienced team. We listen and will create what you need while adding a proactive view to help futureproof the product. From concept through design, manufacture and final conversion, we are in full control of the entire process. 

Our team are ready and willing to discuss your project demands and expectations. Please feel free to reach out and make contact.