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Monday, 16 May 2022


If you have a questions that we have no answer for here then please do give us a call or contact us using our enquiry form.

Can you advise on suitable options for my application?

Yes. We acknowledge that one tape does not fit all and are constantly developing our technical capabilities and know how.

Will you help to develop my needs if a suitable product cannot be found?

Most certainly. We pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke solutions. Full technical and development support will compliment a confidential service package.

Will you work with free issue substrates?

We are more than happy to manufacture and/or convert using your own products.

Will you hold stock?

Of course. We currently hold stock for our clients using a call off order system. We also store free issue goods awaiting instructions.

Do you charge extra for being so committed and dedicated to my requirements?

No. Our aim is to provide a competitive service without compromising quality and standards. We want you to enjoy your Latrave experience and feel secure in entering a long term partnership.

Do you offer full traceability of goods or services?

Definitely – we take our ISO9001 accreditation very seriously and are very proud of our internal systems and control methods.

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